Ignorantia juris nocet

Juridikprofessorn Dennis Töllborg har inte uppmärksammats så mycket i svenska bloggar.

Här har Bergh skrivit om att Töllborg hoppar av gbgs universitet.

Här är ett längre citat av honom på engelska härifrån.

It really is a paradox that what Baader-

Meinhof was striving for, but so luckily failed

to achieve, Bin Ladin now, with a little help

from his former friends, is succeeding to make

a reality. As soon as the U.S. was attacked,

democracy showed itself to be too poorly

internalised to stand up against the attack.

And now leaders in Europe, with England and

Sweden as pro-runners, are all to eager to

learn from the new continent, claiming reasons

of national security when it is all about

securing own established position. Lets face

it: Just take two words  terrorism and

national security  combine them, and the whole

legal system on national and international

level suddenly has gone flip-flop to the extent

that it even risks committing hara-kiri. War

becomes peace, we torture in the name of

humanity, abolishing human rights in order to

defend ? yes, to defend what? We receive total

transparency into everyones life, even into

our bedrooms, but no transparency into power.

Claim openness, practice secrecy ? hypocrisy

becomes normality. Hence, the only way to save

the values, which are the foundations of a

democracy, based on human rights, is to give

the new phenomena their correct names:

Intelligence can be called deaf and blind factinventing,

Politics utilitaristic hypocrisy and

Law autistic process of justification. Then we

can at least save our language, and hence give

ideas like democracy, the rule of law and human

rights a fair chance to survive this dark


och så Töllborg på lätt svenska (juridik ska kunna förstås av alla)

Hans senaste bok, Bli inte blåst, (ISBN: 978-91-7232-050-5) är en lättfattlig introduktion till svensk juridik för nybörjare. Läs den gärna. Enligt lagen så förväntas du att känna till lagen. I de första kapitlen, om juridikens grunder, så nämner han även sin kritik av det svenska juridiska systemet och "den skandinaviska realistiska skolan".

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