Jag fick ett medelande till mitt konto som lydde såhär:

Personal message: Hi Hi, We are currently building towards a unique Group Radio Player and I think you can really help out by joining the TodaysArt festival group, since it'll broaden and deepen the musical spectrum of the group with your unique listening & prefernce pattern! Helpin' us out is only one click away:

By the way TodaysArt festival will take place from 20 till 22nd of September this year at 25 in&outdoor locations in the city centre of The Hague (NL). Thanks a lot, see you at our group? Happy listening here at Last.Fm! best regards on behalf of the TodaysArt team, RoelandP. Thanks, todaysart P.S. Here's what I'm listening to:

Vad är då TodaysArt undrade jag?

TodaysArt is the annual international multidisciplinary modern creativity festival Held in September in The Hague, The Netherlands The festival offers a programme at 30 stages (in- and outdoor) in the city centre with more than 200 artists from over 25 countries, all presenting their creative vision about what Art is Today in terms of music, video and visual arts, film, photography, fashion, performing arts, theatre, contemporary dance and other disciplines and crossovers. Expect unique and custom-made productions and performances by the world's most creative artists.

Här är några länkar:

Hyves: (dutch)
GoogleMap Festivalarea: Click here for The Hague city & TodaysArt on the map!
Official site

Jag tycker att det verkar kul, men i år har jag inte tid eller möjlighet att åka dit. Jag har andra resor inplanerade. Jag får nöja mej med att bidra till deras Group Radio Player. Känner du till något liknande i Sverige?

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